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Local cuisine of Polesine

Bread Gnocchi

Difficulty: medium

Preparation time: 40 min

Ingredients: for 6 servings: 300 gr. breadcrumbs, 1 egg, 500 gr. boiling milk, 50 gr. grana cheese, 60 gr. butter, a few sage leaves

Method: Mix the breadcrumbs with the boiling milk, add an egg and if needed, a little flour. Make some little gnocchi. Boil in salted water. Dress with generous amounts of butter, grana cheese and sage.

Wine matching: Bianco di Custoza: produced in the southernmost communes of Verona with tuscan trebbiano, garganega and tocai grapes. The colour is straw yellow with winey and delicate bouquet. The taste is dry and well bodied. The serving temperature is 10-12°

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