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Local cuisine of Polesine

Fasoi in potacin

Difficulty: medium

Preparation time: 2 h

Ingredients: 500 gr. dried borlotti beans, 1 piece of pork skin, 150 gr. smoked bacon, 50 gr. extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, 200 gr. tinned tomatoes, 150 gr. parmesan cheese, 1 potato, 10 gr. sage, 10 gr. garlic, 1 small onion.

Method: Soak beans in cold water the night before. Rinse, put them in a pan and cover with cold water, add the pork skin, the bacon and a little sage. Bring to the boil and add oil, salt and pepper and the peeled potato. Cook the beans until tender, drain and put cooking liquid aside. Peel the garlic and the onion and brown in oil with a few sage leaves; when-well browned, take out the sage leaves. Put beans in the pan to absorb a little oil; add tinned tomatoes , cook for a few minutes and then add some ladles of reserved cooking water. Leave on the heat until the beans start to break up to form a thick sauce, flavour with grated cheese and a drizzle of oil, stir well with care. Serve piping hot with charred bread or grilled polenta.

Wine matching: Lison Pramaggiore * Refosco dal peduncolo Rosso. Produced in the area of Lison Pramaggiore with at least 90% refosco grapes. Of intense ruby red colour, with purplish tints, it has a fruity aroma of blackberry and raspberry with gentle hints of spices. In the mouth it is drinkable, fruity again, medium bodied and ending on a primary, vinous note. To be served at 18°

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