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At Papozze the Po Delta begins.
From the banks one may easily see the two branches of the river doubling: the Po Grande, or Po di Venezia, continues onward tracing two bights, whilst the narrower Po di Goro branches off towards the South.

Papozze is a typical riverside town with its urban conglomerations stretching along the banks of the Po.  The parish church dedicated to St. Carlo Borromeo stands in the main square in front of the embankment, on the other side of which the island of Mezzano still preserves many interesting traces of the ancient village that stood there until not long ago, its houses abandoned in the flood-plain.

Near the church in the quarter of Panarella, Villa Lardi represents a valid example of a rural settlement dating back to the mid 500s, with its sober loggetta entrance framed by the two chimneys of the façade.

The Panarella flood-plain is an interesting oasis in the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta which is managed by the WWF.  Its paths allow the visitor to admire the typical fluvial vegetation and with a bit of luck to meet or hear several species of birds.