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A visit to Adria - an important enough town to lend its name to the Adriatic Sea - offers an unforgettable itinerary among its archaeology, history, art, culture, traditions and gastronomy.  Its origins are ancient and date back to the VI century BC, when it was a village situated on the banks of the river Po, in a strategic position a short distance from the estuary and the sea.  It was thanks to its location, that Adria became the oldest Greek commercial port in the Northern Adriatic.

The old town runs along Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the historic Contrà Maggiore or the Strada Grande which has always been a vibrant salon and a lively meeting place for the people of Adria.

Everywhere one goes, in the streets, squares, noble buildings, in the atmospheric long, narrow lanes, at the well-curb on wide square bricks in Piazzetta Oberdan and on the shores of the Canalbianco, one breathes in an ancient Venetian aura.  In fact, the two centuries of domination of the Serenissima have left tangible signs everywhere, which make a walk along the streets and coasts of Adria extremely pleasant and inspirational.

Visitors may also appreciate the places of worship and prayer (from the Cathedral to the Basilica della Tomba and the Church of St. Andrea) and the strong musical vocation testified today by the Conservatory of Music “A. Buzzolla”, housed in the beautiful Villa Mecenati.  Of interest, the Teatro Comunale which overlooks the Canalbianco, the Teatro Ferrini and the Cinema-Teatro Politeama, which always offer a rich calendar of shows and first-class cultural events.

One may also sample many different culinary specialties: Adria offers high quality products such as garlic, sweet potato, the fragrant Polesine ciabatta, “bondola” (a tasty cold sausage), the “bissòla” (typical pastry eaten around Epiphany), and the “Adrian S” (a sweet Easter donut shaped like an “s”).