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San Bellino

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San Bellino

A small town in the middle of the Polesine which takes its name from the patron of the diocese of Adria and Rovigo, a bishop of Padova who was assassinated near the centre of town.  The remains of the Saint are now preserved in a marble sarcophagus in the seventeenth century Basilica, where every November thousands of pilgrims arrive for the novena.  During the pilgrimage the translation of the funeral urn containing the remains of the bishop is commemorated with a procession along a street dedicated to the Saint.  The cortège begins at the characteristic oratories of Via Argine S. Maria and proceeds to the Basilica with its interior embellished with the sculptures of Giovanni Bonazza.

On the main alter one may admire the precious alter-piece of Mattia Bortoloni which depicts San Bellino protecting a young boy from a rabid dog.   In the XVI century San Bellino was among the territories reclaimed by the Venetians who built many villas in the country in order to supervise the reclamation work being carried out there.

Among the most significant of these is Villa Ca’ Moro with its outbuildings and a small oratory; Villa Guarini and Villa Nani Mocenigo (today Berretti) dating back to 1500, Villa Bolognese and Villa Zambonin from the XVIII century.  Among the numerous stately homes, colourful murals decorate the more modern buildings.  This tradition of murals which was started by several professional painters in 1999 is described in an annual exhibition.  In Presciane, the small but graceful church of St. Margherita is worth visiting, its single aisle completely covered in friezes and frescos.