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Pettorazza Grimani

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Pettorazza Grimani

An emblem of the special relationship between man and environment in Polesine, it is home to previous reclamation and rectification of rivers and canals, as testified by the ancient draining plants Tron and Bresega. The small coastal town along the Adige is characterised by ample arable spaces, in part devoted to organic farming of walnuts and owes its name to the impressive Corte Grimani, a rural complex built in the sixteenth century which includes various buildings, among which is the barchessa "Paradise" with a loggia of 16 Doric columns in Istria stone.

Also worth noting is the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, built at the end of the 500s to guard a miraculous fresco of the Paduan school, depicting the "Madonna with Child". Inside the bell-tower a tombstone in Istria stone bears witness to the impressive works to rectify the River Adige between 1782 and 1783, which led to the union of two ancient villages at the foot of the Adige, Papafava and Grimani, an ancient division recalled today by the presence of two parishes and two ancient fairs dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie (8th September) and to our Lady of Sorrows (15th September) respectively. Cyclists may retrace the ancient riverbed and rejoin the bank-side road along the Adige continuing onwards towards the neighbouring towns.