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Frassinelle Polesine

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Frassinelle Polesine

A small country village along the course of the Canalbianco, the etymology of Frassinelle is uncertain: in a document of 907 a canal “Fraxenoni” is mentioned, while in a papal record dated at the end of X century, there is a mention of “Valle Fraxineta”.  Originally, the territory was defined by marshlands prone to frequent flooding; the first settlements appeared at the beginning of the second half of the XV century, when reclamation work was started.

The territory was then under the rule of the ducal family of the Estensi, later to pass to the Venetians and in 1597 to the Vatican State.  With the Treaty of Vienna of 1815, the whole of the “Transpolesana Ferrarese” – comprising the towns to the left of the Po belonging to the districts of Badia, Fiesso, Pincara – became part of the Veneto, passing under Austrian dominium.  Frassinelle became a Comune (municipality) in 1870.

The town offers visitors the chance to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside by walking or cycling along the many well-equipped cycling paths which connect the various neighbourhoods at the edge of the town where among the diverse rural architecture, stands the eighteenth century complex of Ca’ Pesaro.  The building is a private courtyard with a country house, oratory, stables and outbuildings built in the middle of the Venetian period.  Another must is the annual appointment on 24 August with the local cuisine at the Fiera of San Bartolemeo, where one may sample a selection of dishes from the Polesine, such as “bondola al sugo”, similar to “cotechino” (coarse spiced pork sausage) but more rounded in shape.