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Fiesso Umbertiano

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Fiesso Umbertiano

Located 30 km from Rovigo and 18 km from Ferrara, to which it has been connected throughout most of its history, Fiesso Umbertiano is a small town rich in architectural beauty and important artistic sites.  Firstly, the splendid octagonal villa Morosini Vendramin Calergi built in the early eighteenth century and designed by Andrea Tirali.  At Christmas its beautiful main hall hosts a traditional concert which is even more enchanting surrounded by the frescos of the great Mattia Bortoloni, the Tiepolo of the Polesine.
Along with other stately homes that adorn the centre of town, the oratories that circle the town like a crown with the parish church in the middle are well worth noting.

The building houses a proper picture-gallery with the most illustrious names of the Veneto baroque and the original lacunar ceiling of 1600 depicting the life of the Virgin and St.Carlo Borromeo.  For food lovers there are many local specialities to taste at Fiesso: sweet gnocchi with cinnamon, bondola and tamplun, fritters made from chestnut flour typically prepared during the characteristic Carnival which is celebrated with a grand procession of allegorical floats.  At Easter one may watch the customary “cozzo delle uova” (egg clash) where each participant tries to break the egg of their opponent.  A trip to Fiesso is not complete without visiting Le Gorge, an area of wetlands about 500 metres north of Ospitaletto towards Pincara.  The area is of particular naturalistic importance with charming scenery and a rich variety of fauna; its worth looking out for the herons, elegant birds with long legs and large wings which inhabit the swamps and marshes.