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On arriving at Canda one is at once enchanted by the scenic, almost theatrical, seventeenth façade of Villa Nani Mocenigo.  The Villa was designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi at the end of the 1400s, is the most significant testimony of the Venetian rule which from the XV century, extended throughout the hinterland of the Veneto.  Inside the building, in two separate rooms, the restored pictorial cycles attributed to the trompe l’oeil artist, Girolamo Mengozzi Colonna may be admired.  The Villa is still surrounded by the original boundary wall, has a large front garden, a gentilitial chapel of 1500, outbuildings for the servants and stables.

The park is truly splendid and thus the perfect backdrop to the performances of the annual exhibitions “Tra ville e giardini” and “Teatro in villa” with un-missable shows and events.  The parish church of St. Michele Arcangelo, to which a village fete is dedicated on 29 September, was built in 1600 and is decorated with nineteenth century frescos by Sebastiano Santi.

Not far from the centre, a miniscule capital offered to the Madonna of cuori guards a miraculous image of the Virgin which was found in the mud.  The curious name “cuori” in fact, comes from the word “quore” meaning marshy area.

In this small bank side town one may therefore admire many artistic and architectural treasures as well as enjoy pleasant walks or bike rides.