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The eddies are magical places, tangible evidence of the important role of the river in Polesine. The eddies are very small but deep, rounded water pools without effluents, results of the erosive action of the waters during the flood phases, over flowing or breaches of the banks or rises, fed by subterranean rivers. They are the proof of the river's presence and they remind the visitor that there, long ago something happened: the water over flowed and broke the banks leaving calm pools of water as a memory of its passage.

It is then, a particular conservation area of the greatest naturalistic and scenic interest, rich in vegetation and an ideal habitat for the avifauna, moorhens, mallards, coots, red woodpeckers, razor bills, golden orioles.

A perfect place for those who like to be in touch with the most uncontaminated nature, listening to the wind's sound or the birds song.  A trip not to be missed, for those who really want to get to know the Polesine, at its most original and authentic. The Polesine is the Venetian province with the greatest number of eddies precisely because it is a land between two rivers, the two greatest rivers of Italy. The most charming eddies in Polesine are situated along the old Po branches, at Trecenta, Fiesso Umbertiano and Pincara- and along the Tartaro - at Castelnovo Bariano, Giacciano con Barucchella, Bergantin, while at Occhiobello, Bosaro, Arquà Polesine, Pettorazza, Grimani and Ariano, one finds the smallest eddies between the Po and Adige rivers and the Delta.

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