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Polesine is set between the Adige and the Po rivers but in its territory there are other waterways which characterize this land making it a unique site. In addition to the two main rivers, there are the Tartaro-Canalbianco, the Adigetto, branch of the Adige, the Ceresolo, an artificial canal used for irrigation along 50 Km and a thick web of drainage canals. No land like the Polesine has been shaped by rivers; they are the indisputable protagonists of its history and the only means of communication until the Industrial Revolution and it is thanks to them that many civilizations, from the Bronze Age to the Venetian Republic, were born.
Due to subsidence, large part of the land is today under sea level, protected by strong banks that go along the Po and Adige rivers towards the Adriatic Sea. Nobody could imagine that this fragile equilibrium between land and sea is maintained by remarkable drainage works and defensive structures without which, the land would have been completely submerged.
These works are realized by the reclamation consortiums that have built and installed draining pumps to unload water into the receptors which put it into the sea. This fascinating story of man fighting to reclaim land from water started in the Etruscan Age and developed through the centuries thanks to the Benedettini, Estensi and Venetians. To discover it, just visit some of the examples of industrial archeology transformed into museums such as the draining pump of Cà Vendramin in the Taglio di Po area or the Septem Mària Museum of Adria. In Polesine therefore, it is the river which is the main protagonist, to be discovered on foot, by bike, by boat, by horse.
Starting from the Adriatic Sea one may go up the river Po to Cremona, or use the network of the hydrographic basin of Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco; the navigable Polesine waterways represent an important opportunity for those who want to live the Polesine to the full, capturing its most authentic spirit. Thanks to the many river moorings one may also visit small riverside villages and maybe stop for a picnic in one of the equipped flood plains. The many pedestrian-cycling itineraries along the embankment road offer visitors the opportunity to admire breathtaking landscapes, in particular, at sunset when the red-painted skyline joins the light blue of the water, a unique image not to be found elsewhere.

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