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Many poets, writers and directors have told of its wild beauty; its green oasis, narrow beaches, pools of water which reflect the sky have been immortalized in the canvases of great artists moved by so much poetry. The mystery of the uncertain horizon accompanied by birds song bring the visitor to a land of peace and quiet they are unable to forget.
This is the Po Delta, a wetland of international importance and one of the most important natural parks in Italy established by a regional law in 1997. The best way to visit and appreciate it is by walking or going by bike along the embankments of its branches or by taking a boat trip among the dense reed thickets of the estuary mouths to observe herons, wild ducks, sheldrakes, grebes, sterns and many other species that live in these tongues of land.
Among the many testimonies of the ancient floodplain, the Giardino Botanico of Porto Caleri ("Botanical Garden") is worth a visit. It includes 24 hectares of woodland, dunes, beaches and lagoons and occupies the extreme offshoot of coast of Rosolina. Not forgetting the beautiful floodplain of Cà Pisani located in the Po di Maistra or the oasis of Cà Mello along a lost branch of the Po that throws itself into the Sacco di Scardovari, one of the most charming places of the Delta, with its long riverbank road which offers visitors extraordinary views and glimpses of rare beauty over the splendid lagoon.

Proceeding towards the hinterland one may see the traces that mans battle for survival has left through the centuries; great rural courts, immense expanses of cultivated fields, paddy fields, the ancient draining pump, bridges, navigation locks, fishing valleys, canals. A particular, unique world, rich in detail, in which it is possible to enter leaving stress and noise behind, to be overwhelmed by an atmosphere that is refreshing and uplifting. In the Po Delta one has a privileged relationship with nature and becomes part of the magic.

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